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(From: Janet and Stewart Farrar, The Witches Way)

The following are from the Gardnarian Book of Shadows. Other names for the 
Goddess or God may be substituted. Alexandrian uses Aradia and Cernunnos in 
place of the longer list of Hebrew and other names.

Consecration of the Water and Salt

Place the bowl of water on the Pentacle, hold the tip of the Athame in the 
water, and say:

          "I exorcise thee, O Creatures of Water, that thou cast out
          from thee all the impurities and uncleanness of the spirits
          of the world of phantasm. Mertalia, Musalia, Dophalia,
          Onemalia, Zitanseia."

Remove the bowl from the Pentacle and replace it with the salt, and say:

          "Blessings be upon this Creature of Salt; let all malignity
          and hindrance be cast forth hencefrom, and let all good
          enter therein. Wherefore I bless thee and invoke thee, that
          thou mayest aid me."

Changing the bowls over again and pouring the salt into the water, say:

          "Yamenton, Yaron, Tatonon, Zarmesition, Tileion, Tixmion.
          But ever mind, water purifies the body, but the scourge
          purifies the soul.

Consecrating a Sword or Athame:

With the Athame laid over the Pentacle, with and touching another consecrated 
Athame if available. Sprinkle them with the salt and water mixture. Pick up the 
tool and pass it through the incense smoke, then replace it on the Pentacle. 
Laying your right hand on it, say:

          "I conjure thee, O Athame, by these Names, Abrahach,
          Abrach, Abracadabra, that thou servest me for a strength
          and defense in all magical operations against all mine
          enemies, visible and invisible. I conjure thee anew by the
          holy name Aradia and the holy name Cernunnos; I conjure
          thee O Sword (Athame), that thou servest me for a
          protection in all adversities; so aid me now."

After again sprinkling with the salt water and censing the Athame is returned
to the Pentacle. Say:

          "I conjure thee, O Athame of Steel, by the Great Gods and
          Gentle Goddess, by the virtue of the heavens, of the stars
          and of the spirits who preside over them, that thou mayest
          receive such virtue that I may obtain the end that I desire
          in all things wherein I shall use thee, by the power of
          Aradia and Cernunnos."

After kissing the blade and presenting it to the Goddess recast the Circle using 
it, but without words. It should then be kept in close proximity of the owner's 
body for at least a month, perhaps under the pillow, etc. Do not allow anyone 
else to touch or handle your tools for at least six months.

The latter part of this is my adaptation as the specified ritual involves two 
people, a priest and priestess doing such things as holding the Athame between 
their bodies.

Consecration of Other Working Tools

Used for any ritual item other than an Athame or Sword.

Man and Woman lay their right hands on the tool, which is placed on the 
pentacle. Say:

          "Aradia and Cernunnos, deign to bless and consecrate this
          white handled knife (or whatever) that it may obtain the
          necessary virtue through you for all acts of love and

The man sprinkles the tool with the salt and water mixture then the woman passes 
it through the smoke of the incense. She then puts it back onto the Pentacle. 

          "Aradia and Cernunnos, bless this instrument prepared in your honor."

Once again the man sprinkles and the woman censes.

The one who is not the owner then gives the five fold kiss to the one who owns 
the tool. For the final kiss on the mouth they hold the tool between their 
bodies. The owner should then immediately use it. Incise something with the 
white-hilted knife, exhibit the Pentacle to the four quarters, cense the four 
quarters, etc.

When not in use, all tools should be put away in a secret place; and it is good 
that this should be near your sleeping place and that you handle them each night 
before retiring.

Consecrating Personal Jewelry, Etc.

Not from Gardner's Book of Shadows, but as used by the Farrars.

Man and woman place the object on the Pentacle and lay their right hands upon 
it. They say:

          "We consecrate thee in the element of Earth."

They sprinkle the object with the salt and water mixture, saying:

          "We consecrate thee in the element of Water."

They pass the object through the smoke of the incense, saying:

          "We consecrate thee in the element of Air."

They pass the object above the flame of the candle.

          "We consecrate thee in the element of Fire, in the names of
          Aradia and Cernunnos."

If the object is something that can be worn or used immediately it should be.

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Pick up broom and sweep the circle as you walk inside deosil. Repeat:

	Sweep, sweep, sweep this place
	By Powers of Air, I cleanse this space.

Pick up the incense and walk around the circle. Repeat:

	Light, light, I light this place
	By Powers of Fire, I cleanse this space.

Pick up the Chalice. As you walk deosil, sprinkle water and repeat:

	Liquid. liquid I wash this place
	By Powers of Water, I cleanse this space.

Pick up salt. As you walk deosil, sprinkle salt and repeat:

	Salt, salt, as I walk this place
	Powers of Earth, cleanse this space.

Return the salt to the altar. Stand in center and repeat:

	Spirit, Spirit, fill this place
	Powers of the Ancient Ones, consecrate this space.

	I now direct the energy of the Universe to forever fill and bless this 

Lay hands upon altar and say:

	This altar is dedicated to the Lord and Lady of light. 
	May it serve me well.

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Purification Ritual- House Cleaning

Purification Ritual- House Cleaning

A Simple House Cleaning


Make or buy a purification incense.  Common ingredients are sandalwood,
frankincense, bay, or camphor.  Ingredients for one incense follow:

  * 3 parts Frankincense

  * 2 parts Sandalwood


Burn this in a censer in the middle of the area to be purified.  If you are
purifying a multi-level house, one censer every other level will suffice.

When you set this, open all the windows in the house.  Say a prayer to the Lady
offering thanks to her for the cleansing of your house.  Leave for a few hours,
until the smell from the incense is gone.  Close the windows, and set a
protection spell of some sort, if you wish.

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When you feel you are ready to perform the cleansing and consecration ritual for
your sacred space, you should consider extending the ritual to cleanse,
consecrate and empower your tools as well. You will not need your wand as it
should be cleansed, consecrated and empowered before you use it. During the tool
cleansing portion of the ceremony, you should cleanse and consecrate, then
empower the chalice and pentacle.

For this ritual you will need:
2 illuminator candles
Chalice with holy water
Silver candle
Birthday candle
4″ diameter pentacle
small bowl of earth
4 element candles (red, blue, green, yellow)
Incense (sage)

After you have gathered all the necessary items (don’t forget the candle holders
for the candles), place everything on the altar and cover them with a black
cloth until you are ready to use them. Black is the recommended color because it
shields your items and helps keep the dust off.

Next, choose the date and time of your ritual. You can use an astrological
calendar or simply pick the date of the next New Moon. Sometime during the day
you choose, you should literally house clean the sacred space that you plan to
dedicate. Half an hour before ritual, go over everything from beginning to end.
Double check items needed. You don’t want to break your focus. Magick and ritual
are interchangeable and often each depends upon the other for success. If the
will and emotion are strong enough, however, you can perform an entire ritual in
you mind and still achieve a high level of success. This ability comes with time
and practice. Assuming you have done all of the above, go take a shower or
relaxing bath with scented oil. Choose clothing that is non-restrictive – even a
bathrobe will do, or you can perform the ritual skyclad. It’s your choice.

Place each of the element candles at the appropriate compass points. East –
yellow or gold, South – red or orange, West – blue or purple, North – green or
brown. Place the silver candle on the altar. If you will be cleansing and
consecrating tools, be sure they are placed on the altar or work table. If you
like, you may use a rope or cord to make a nine or five-foot circle around your
altar. Stand before your altar. Breathe deeply. Light the illuminator candle
(they come in handy for this purpose). Circle the room in a clockwise direction
and light each element candle. Pick up your broom and sweep the circle as you
walk inside in a clockwise manner. Repeat:

“Sweep, sweep, sweep this place
By powers of Air, I cleanse this space”

Shut your eyes and feel the element of air move within the circle. Return to the
altar and pick up the silver candle. Light it from the illuminator candle of the
left, walk around the inside of the circle in a clockwise manner and say:

“Light, light, I light this place
By powers of Fire, I cleanse this space”

Concentrate on fire energy, entering and flowing around the circle. Return to
the altar and pick up the chalice of holy water. As you walk clockwise inside
the circle, sprinkle the water with the fingers of your right hand and say:

“Liquid, liquid, I wash this place
By powers of Water, I cleanse this space”

Feel the element of water flow in a clockwise direction around the circle.
Return to the altar and pick up the bowl of earth. Walk clockwise around the
circle, sprinkle the earth and say:

“Dirt, dirt, as I walk this place
Powers of Earth, cleanse this space”

Feel the element of earth bring her gifts to the circle. Return the bowl of
earth to the altar and move to the center of the circle. In the Goddess
position, say:

“Spirit, Spirit, fill this place
Powers of Divine, consecrate this space”

Feel the power of the Goddess and God enter you and your sacred space. Say:

“I now direct the energy of the universe to forever fill and bless this place”

Feel the energy raise from you body and meld with the universe. When the energy
begins to dissipate, turn back to the altar. Lay your hands upon the altar and

“This altar is dedicated to the Lord and Lady of light. May it serve me well.”

If you will not be cleansing and consecrating any tools or jewelry, you will
want to end the ritual here by thanking the God and Goddess, as well as the
elements, for their participation. When you are through, ground the energy you
have raised either by putting your palms to the floor and feeling the sensation
of being drained to Earth Mother, or back out of the energy and watch it
collapse in upon itself, into the Earth. Then raise your right hand over your
head and in a counter-clockwise motion, circle it around the room and say:

“The circle is open, but never broken.”

If you plan to use this ritual to cleanse and consecrate specific items,
continue with the following steps, then that the Goddess and elements. Stand
before the altar and pick up the first item to be consecrated. Imagine a glowing
gold light from the heavens spotlighting the item. Pass the item over the
incense and say:

“I cleanse and consecrate this ______ for positive means. All negativity is
removed from it in any time and space.”

Repeat this process through the remaining three elements. Pass it through flame,
sprinkle it with water, and finally with the earth element. Now lay the item
down on top of your pentacle. Place your palms about one inch over the item,
then form a triangular opening with your hands. Imagine a silver orb in the
opening of your hands. Let it glow brighter and brighter. Raise the energy from
your body and gently put it out between your hands and into the Silver orb. With
your mind, lower the orb onto the item and let it be encompassed. When the
energy dissipates, say:

“By the will of the Lord and Lady, I have empowered this _______. May their
blessings shine upon the through it always.
By the free will of all
And harm to none
As I will
So shall it be done.”

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