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Purification Ritual- House Cleaning

Purification Ritual- House Cleaning

A Simple House Cleaning


Make or buy a purification incense.  Common ingredients are sandalwood,
frankincense, bay, or camphor.  Ingredients for one incense follow:

  * 3 parts Frankincense

  * 2 parts Sandalwood


Burn this in a censer in the middle of the area to be purified.  If you are
purifying a multi-level house, one censer every other level will suffice.

When you set this, open all the windows in the house.  Say a prayer to the Lady
offering thanks to her for the cleansing of your house.  Leave for a few hours,
until the smell from the incense is gone.  Close the windows, and set a
protection spell of some sort, if you wish.


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