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This is borrowed from the July/Aug of 96 issue of Llewellyn's New Worlds Of Mind 
& Spirit Catalog.

Special care should be taken when selecting a personal crystal. Try and obtain a 
single point with an intact point and all six facets visible on its surface. If 
the point is chipped, the energy emitted will not be as focused. It should also 
be small enough to hold in one hand. The suggested sizes can range from less 
than two inches to five inches in height and diameter. If you are right-hand 
dominant, the quartz's vibrations can be tested by holding the crystal point up 
toward the head in your left hand.

The Point is placed up rather than down in order to direct the energies into 
your brain. The left hand is preferred as it is connected to the opposite side 
of the brain. This is the right hemisphere, the intuitive portion of our mind. 
For those people who are left-handed dominant, the holding process should be 

After holding the stone for a few minutes some people may experience energy 
vibrations in the form of body temperature changes, colors flashing through the 
mind, or a feeling of peaceful compatibility. If any uncomfortable sensations 
are experienced, choose another crystal and repeat the same process. It is 
important that you synchronize with its energies.

Often a stone will choose us by projecting strong vibration. It is not uncommon 
to walk away from such a crystal only to discover a compulsion to return and 
purchase it.

The most aesthetically pleasing is not necessarily the correct crystal.

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