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Star IQ for Monday, October 18

Monday, October 18
<!– –>It’s easy to get lost in a fantasy today as the Moon visits imaginative Pisces. Our dreams can be so convincing that it becomes a challenge to tell where they end and the real world begins. Additionally, a disquieting Sun-Jupiter quincunx makes it tempting to exaggerate. Unfortunately, even logical Mercury cannot help us now because its unifying trine with Neptune is better for writing poetry and telling fairy tales than discerning fact from fancy.

Aries     You should be able to talk yourself into believing that everything is fine in the realm of relationships today. Even if you realize that you are working on complex issues that need resolution, you might try to avoid the facts. There’s nothing wrong with seeing unrealized potential in others, but don’t substitute it for the truth that’s right in front of you.
Taurus     Your feelings bubble into awareness today, yet you might not be able to put them into words. You wish your life was simpler now, yet your current desires can turn everything upside down. Although you may think you’re being clear, others can still misinterpret your message. Don’t assume that anyone knows what you’re saying. Take time to confirm what you think you already know.
Gemini     Today is perfect for daydreaming but it may not be so great for delivering a detailed message as your key planet Mercury fuzzes your thinking. Your imagination is working overtime now, which can be delightful if you don’t try to apply your current thoughts to practical reality. If you have something really important to say, wait a few days until the transits to ethereal Neptune pass.
Cancer     You might want to take the day off because you’re thinking about all the things you want to do that have nothing to do with work. Although you are able to imagine a perfect day, one thing or another prevents you from actually having it. Instead of worrying about what you are unable to do, be grateful for what you can accomplish. Making the most of what you have is all about changing your attitude.
Leo     You may feel as if you’re in a dream where everything is just as it should be today. Unfortunately, your actual life can be far from ideal once you open your eyes. Naturally, you’re tempted to indulge your pleasant fantasies, but avoiding reality isn’t a luxury you can afford now. Instead of mind-tripping to a faraway place, concentrate on your home base where you can actually make a positive difference.
Virgo     You aren’t easily able to let go of your preconceived notions of what’s in store for you next. Reality is a bit elusive now as your key planet Mercury is communing with spacey Neptune. It’s probably better to let a few decisions slide, knowing you can return to them and clean things up later in the week.
Libra     On one hand you desperately want to complete old business today. On the other hand, this can be a great play day, making it hard to accomplish much at all. This conflict could be emotionally agitating, so do whatever makes sense to gain a calmer frame of mind. Nevertheless, the Moon’s visit to your 6th House of Self-Improvement indicates that you might be wise to focus on fine tuning your efforts instead of frivolously wasting a potentially productive day.
Scorpio     You might feel stuck and are ready to take a calculated risk today, if only to stir things up a bit. But attempting to make changes without a solid strategy can be more confusing than exciting. Imagine the best possible outcome and then create a plan to achieve your desired goal. If you can fill in the details in your mind, then you should also be able to make your dreams come true.
Sagittarius     You may have too many obligations to fulfill today, but as the day wears on you become more likely to rebel against your current responsibilities. Unfortunately, your strategic skills might not be functioning well now, which means it won’t be as easy to change the rules as you think. Don’t become discouraged; if your plan doesn’t work as expected, give it a few days and then try again.
Capricorn     It can be quite unnerving if you feel disoriented today because you Goats naturally like to have your feet on the ground. You could waste a lot of time and energy trying to regain your footing, but uncertainty can also lead to a healthy experience. You have much to gain by questioning your assumptions about your life and your path ahead. Don’t worry about making any final decisions now; rest assured that it’s not yet necessary to know exactly what you’ll do next.
Aquarius     Your dreams seem so close today that you believe you can touch them as if they are real. It’s helpful if you can trust your intuition now because you’re more in tune with the symbolic realm that informs your thoughts than you are with the basic facts. Don’t bother to seek rational explanations, just act on your hunches. If necessary, you can make additional adjustments in a few days when your thinking is more practical.
Pisces     Although you may attempt to be rational today, your common sense continues to grow more elusive. But this can be used to your advantage, as long as you don’t try to make any significant life-changing decisions. Declare this day as your own personal spiritual holiday and give yourself permission to contact the mysteries within.


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